Quality Inspection

Xintao build first-class quality management system, to go beyond the requirements for industry standard quality deliver stable performance to the market at home and abroad, the excellent quality of products, this insistence on professional perseverance, won the customer high praise.

To ensure the high quality of the product.. XinTao introduced the full of international advanced level of testing equipment, testing equipment configuration. And with advanced quality analysis, to ensure that the product meets industry standards. Also established the environmental protection product system, in the environmental protection material, the environmental protection process aspect carries on the strict control.

Product quality reached GB/T7134-2008 excellence, GB/T7134-1996 excellence. Implement international quality system certification, implement process management and quality cost management.. The introduction of excellent performance management mode, from the product development to the production and production of full, the whole process, all-weather control, realized the product quality control optimization management.

Dongguan Xintao PS plate SGS Test Report

The Xinshun Extruded Acrylic SGS Report

The Xinshun Extruded Acrylic Test Report

Xintao Extruded Acrylic SGS Test Report

The Xintao Extruded Acrylic Test Report

Acrylic sound screen. CST Test

Enterprise credit quality report

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