Product Advantage

XinTao virgin cast acrylic is produced by Anhui Xuancheng factory. Xintao acrylic adopt international virgin MMA monomer,after 5-6 hours of high temperature drying room processing ,the quality can reach GB/T7134-2008 standards.The transparency is 93%. Our acrylic sheets have excellent processing,corrosion resistance,and the size and color can be various.

Xintao Middle Class Cast Acrylic adopt imported MMA and DMMA monomer,after 4-5 hours of high temperature drying room processing ,the quality can reach GB/T7134-1996 standards.The transparency is 92%. Our acrylic sheets have corrosion resistance,and andanti yellow fade.The color can be customized.

Xinshun acrylic is produced by Foshan acrylic factory.We use imported equipment and process,taking 372 aggregate as raw material,and producing the sheets continously.The quality is in top level in domestic market.The thickness:1.0-12mm,the width is under 2100mm,and there is no limit of the length,color can be cusomerized.

Xinlian PS sheets is located in Dongguan Qinxi,and adopt domestic advanced equipment and Production process,(PS virgin material,no recycled material).We use the continuously extruded method to produce PS sheet.The quality is in top level in native market.The thickness:0.5mm-12mm size:the width is under 1700mm,and there is no limit of length.The color can be customized.

Guide Plate (Light Guide Plate) is the use of optical acrylic, acrylic base in optical use UV screen printing technology printed on the face, or use a dot laser technology. Using optical acrylic absorbing light from the lamp which stay on the surface of the optical acrylic, when the light into all the angle, reflected light can spread to different perspectives, and then destroy the reflection conditions by positive injection of light guide plate. Through a variety of density, size accurate, it can make the uniform glow of light guide plate. Equal area of light brightness, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption. Under the condition of constant temperature, constant humidity, dustless environment. Uniform with ultrathin, super light, energy saving, environmental protection, no dark space, durable, not easy yellowing, easy installation and maintenance etc. Characteristics.

XinTao Color Swatches

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